Never Miss a Call Again!

The Motivation to pick up your calls before second ring…

Because all of our billing is in arrears and our clients only pay our $20.00 base rate up-front, we have to answer your calls to earn any additional money. This makes us HIGHLY motivated to answer every one in a timely and professional manner. Answering services that make you pay upfront for a package of calls, minutes or units are already paid and do not have this same level of motivation. A lost call from one of your customers tired of waiting in a hold queue means potential lost revenue for you and guaranteed lost revenue for us. When paying for answering services not yet rendered, the motivation to answer is not the same.

Quick and Professional Response Time
We do a terrific job of insuring proper agent staffing. 85% of our calls are answered on the first ring with a live agent and another 10-12% on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th ring with a live agent. Only 3-5% of calls go to our hold queue where professional music is playing and our average hold time is less than 15 seconds.

Superior Experience
We never place your callers on hold. Once our agent answers your valuable call, they take the call to conclusion. We never interrupt your call to answer another client’s ringing call. This results in a much more pleasant experience for your callers. This requires additional staffing on our part, but our clients and their callers agree it is a far superior way to answer calls.

Dispatch Operators
Every new message an inbound agent takes is sent to our dispatcher queue for delivery. Our highly trained dispatch agents insure every message we send is a professional message. Dispatch operators are also our most experienced agents and since they only deliver messages, they are very good at it.


We have redundant equipment for every infrastructure process and requirement.

With a 45KW diesel generator sitting out back, our entire facility has full power for an extended period of time for any type of power interruption. Full UPS, Lightning and Surge protection systems are also provided for all of our equipment.

With multiple SIP, Fiber,T-1 and PRI circuits routed from different providers down different routes, you can feel safe we will be there when you need us.

With redundant ISP (Internet service provider) connections, clients who rely on our ability to access the World Wide Web can rest assured we will have access. These are very fast connections with automated roll-over capabilities in the event of an outage.

Our two story call center facility was built by us specifically for call center usage. It is fully compliant with Category Five hurricane standards and can withstand all but the most serious of natural disasters. Hurricane shutters, GFI circuits, lightning protection and more was all incorporated in the planning of this facility.

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